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Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge is engaged in several benevolent activities for the benefit of locals within Tarangire in an endeavor  to promote eco-tourism whereby it has built Nkait Secondary School therein Ngait Location, Mbugwe division , Babati district , Manyara Province.

Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge has also contributed towards the availability of clean water within Minjingu Area as well as bricks for the construction of an Administrative office in the same Area.

Besides, Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge has started a project by the name TEGO through which solar power has been supplied to the maasai Maasai inhabitants within Monduli area.

Additionally and for purposes of economic empowerment, Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge has donated space freely to a Women’s Group in the neighbourhood; from where they entertain and sell jewelry plus various other Maasai beadworks to guests boarding at the lodge.

It is worth pointing out that the employment policy of Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge is such that whenever a vacancy occurs, locals from the neighbourhood are given first priority so much so that representation in the entire workforce oscillates between 25% and 30% at all times.


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